Man, this summer…

The only time being a man is hard is when it comes to finding the perfect clothes, other than that, smooth sailing, 😆. Not if you’re black

Clothing Store Directoryw

When I find a new online store, I always wonder if they are black owned. I’ve decided to gather as many stores that I could find and created a nice blog about it!

Peace to the Crease ✌🏾👟

When my tennis shoes crease, I put them on the shelf as if that’s gonna remove the crease! 🙄 I’ve finally found a solution!

Quick comfy styles

I’m a very quick dresser (excuse the grammar), to say the least. I often times get dressed in my head … More

Fall Hues& Shades

I have a special love for hues and shades. It’s nothing like a nice rich color to compliment your beautiful … More

Fall/Winter Fashion

It’s almost fall time for the back to schoolers, I know that means going back to school shopping early and … More