The Woman Who Could!

I’m so excited to write this blog post this week, although it’s not about fashion directly, it’s apart of the fashion world. It’s all about hair weaves and the woman who invented the technique.

Christina Jenkins was born on December 25, 1920, in Zillplatt, Louisiana. She graduate from Leland college with a bachelors degrees in science in 1943. Along with graduating college Christina married Duke Jenkins in Cleveland, Ohio, and the two formed their own company in the early 1950s called, “Christina’s Hair-Weev.”

In 1943, Christina also moved to Malvern, Ohio and continued developing “the hair weaving method.” She designed this method for making hairdos linger and fuller by weaving extensions onto existing hair. She changed the game of cosmotology.

In 1949, she began researching ways to secure wigs and hairpieces. She later received a patent for her hair weaving method in 1951. These methods are still being used today.

Sources: Hair story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America By Ayana Byrd, Lori Tharps

Thank you for reading this weeks blog! I have some amazing things coming this month, so please stay tuned.



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