Women in Fashion: Mildred Blount (1907- 1974)

This week is about another black woman in fashion that has a remarkable untold story.

Mildred Blount was born as an orphan in North Carolina. Mildred worked as an errand girl at a hat shop. At this hat shop is where she found her love for hats. She researched and studied everything she could about hats.

Mildred designed 87 mini hats for the 1939 NY Worlds Fair, which represented hat styles from 1680 to 1937. Everyone loved her hats and soon she found herself popular amongst the elite crowd.

Her consistency and hard work lead her to Hollywood where she worked with major film studios and that is where she built her clientele of famous people like Mirian Anderson, Mary Pickford, Joan Crawford, Ginger Rodgers, Rosalind Russel and many more.

In the 1940s, she opened a hat shop with her sister in Beverly Hills, California and she brought her clientele with her. Ms. Blount designers Gloria Vanderbilt’s bridal veil for her first marriage in 1941.

Mildred Blount and Gloria V.

She was the first black person of the motion pictures costumers Union. She is know for her costume work on the films, “Gone With The Wind,” and “Easter Parade.”

Hat from “Gone with the Wind,” by Mildred Blount.

In 1942, one of her hats were featured on the cover of “Ladies Home Journal.” She made history, and her historical hats can be found at the California African American Museum and the LA County Museum of Art.

I love to appreciate black women who made names for themselves. In this time of hopelessness, for some, I hope this post helps someone who has been down, feel inspired or encouraged to keep going strong. Happy blogging, and stay healthy.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog, and as always, you’re appreciated. Asè 🙏🏽

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