15 Black Women in Fashion

I want to celebrate the black women who paved the way for other black women and girls in fashion and the black women and girls who are slayin the way now!

1. Erykah Badu

Nobody can say much about Badu because her style is incomparable and her confidence makes it that much better.

2. Grace Jones

Grace has paved the way for so many. Her confidence is extraordinarily real and unmatched!

3. Eartha Kitt

Beautiful and classy.

4. Tina Turner

Tina Turner made that fringe dress a thing in my opinion and I love it!

5. Janet Jackson

This poetic justice look is still worn now. I think the style altogether including the box braids have been brought back.

6. Diana Ross

Diana is known for her classy style and big hair. I love it

7. Naomi Campbell

All I can say is iconic. Women literally buy the clothes off of her back.

8. Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is an all time favorite because she is classy, yet super stylish. The best dressed First Lady.

9. Solange

Solange has an amazing eye for style, I love her looks, she’s not afraid to be bold. This look is breath taking.

10. Rihanna

Clearly a favorite of mine is Rihanna. She’s amazing and so is her style and how bold she is with her looks, she also makes amazing statements with her fashion.

11. KeKe Palmer

Keke has an amazing classy style. She has always had a mature style and demeanor about her which is admirable.

12. Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita wears colors that make her skin pop. I absolutely love this look.

13. Janelle Monae

Janelle mainly wears black and white and how she manages to get amazing looks from those two colors amaze me.

14. Yara Shahidi

Yara is my favorite right now because she’s young and has a sophisticated style.

15. Marsai Martin

Marsai is that girl, she’s 13, fashionable and a boss. Not much more to be said, she really has a lot of young girls looking up to her and I love that.

Black history month unites black people everywhere. I love fashion so this week I wanted to dedicate this post to women in fashion now and then. I hope you all enjoyed reading this week’s blog post. I appreciate everyone who stops by. Until we read again!


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