What to wear when you’re traveling: 7 best airplane clothes

When I’m on a long flight, even if I’m on a short flight, I enjoy wearing clothes that make my skin smile.

Most of the time my flights are just a few hours with layovers in between, so they’re not super uncomfortable, but that’s best I always wear the most comfortable clothes I can find.

Sometimes it’s hot and sometimes it’s cold, so here are 7 of the best items you can wear and bring along with you the next time you’re traveling.

*this is general for men and women!

  1. If you’re final destination is somewhere cold, I would say to bring a jacket with you. Maybe pack it away in your carry on.
  2. Long cardigan or hoodie. I love bringing a hoodie everywhere I go because I know that’s what keeps me nice and snug when I’m on the plane, and when I’m at the airport.
  3. T shirt or a comfortable top always keep me feeling good because it’s not all connected as if I were wearing a onesie or dress. Nice layers can never be a bad thing when traveling.
  4. Pants that stretch are always my go to, and I like them to be a bit loose so I can fold my legs.
  5. Socks, you don’t want to walk on that nasty airplane floor, it also keeps your feet warm.
  6. Scarf or pashmina can always do the trick when traveling. I always bring a light weight scarf because I tend to travel at times when it is cold.
  7. Comfy kicks is a must for me because I need to be able to walk around and my feet has to breath in comfort, so I love bring a pair of shoes with me on my carry on just in case I wear flip flops and need to change out.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog. I kept it short, sweet and to the point so that men and women could grab tips from this post. As always your time is appreciated.



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