10 of the Comfiest Pants

I’be been interested in clothing since I was a young girl. I would switch up my style every season.

Once I got to college I changed my style depending on how relaxed my job was. I used to get dressed up, wear jeans and put a little effort into my wardrobe.

Before college was over completely I found a job that I can wear sweat pants and hoodies, and that was my favorite thing to wear, because it was cold at school and those were the most comfortable clothes I could find.

I still wear sweatpants and hoodies, I literally have on sweat and a hoodies as I type this, but I have found more pants and tops that are very comfortable and keep you warm and fashionable.

Yoga pants that can be worn in the office. These are specific and not sold everywhere. I found these at Beta brand for $59.

Modal joggers from Gap.comfor $32.00.

Plus wide legged pants from Lou and Grey for $79.

High waisted belted pants at Nordstrom

Ankle pants from Uniqlo. I love ankle pants.

Stretch ankle pants from Nordstrom

Straight Ponte knit pants

Chino pant from Everlane

Belted cuffed hem pants from Forever 21

Dark yoga harem pants from Harem pants

This week I wanted to talk about the comfort of wearing pants that aren’t always sweats or jeans. To me, jeans aren’t that comfortable and they are usually heavier than the pants I prefer to wear. Here’s a nice assortment of pants that you can lounge in or work in.

*some pants do not have a link for the website didn’t allow.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog post. As always, much appreciation for taking out the time to read what’s fashionably on my mind.


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