Ivy Park x Adidas

The day is on the way. This Saturday Jan.18th Beyonce’ is hitting us in the head with her new Ivy Park collaboration with Adidas. The photos that I’ve seen so far are beyond bomb.

Check them out for yourself…

I love the over the top looks that she gives. I’m not sure if this jacket is part of the collection, or she’s just showing off the stuff that’s exclusively for her. I love either way!

Come on burgundy! That jacket is clean. If you look down at the bottom it’s longer, it also fastens up. Liking the texture, from what I can see.

Suh-lay!!! This jumper is by far my favorite, and she looks so good in orange.

The pants to the left are super cute, love the little slit at the bottom. My best friend gave me an idea for some pants she wanted made a few years ago, the idea was similar. Very cute!

Not sure if that’s a backpack or an accessory, but I love the buckles, this is absolutely creative. The burgundy is really getting my attention also.

I love all of the pieces that she has worn so far, no matter how over the top some items they may be to some, I feel like the collection will have something for everyone. Also can we Stan at how BeyoncĂ© celebrates her blackness and everyone else’s when she does a project. Her commercials for her line features black men and women who are happily rockin their Ivy Park Adidas. I’m so proud of her, I’m also excited for this launch!

Thank you so much for reading this weeks blog. I appreciate you and the time you took out to read this post. Enjoy the rest of your week and stay happy. 😊


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