New Year, New Projects

The new year is approaching quickly, and before it ends I want to discuss the good and bad things that went on fashionably in my life and end things with a bang.

This year began with me creating things for my birthday and buying fabrics overseas. I visited Jamaica for my birthday, had an amazing time and I was able to purchase some fabric! I haven’t yet used the fabric, but that will be discussed later.

During the summer I gave myself a 30 days challenge to create 30 pieces of garments in 30 days. I completed the task, and sold a few items as well.

The next few months my machine stopped working properly and I became a little discouraged, but have no fear Amazon was here! They did not have the machine I wanted so I waited and thought about what I could do with my hands.

Before the summer was over I had taught myself how to crochet and I made a few items, but that wasn’t as fulfilling as creating clothes and showing it off to the world.

I’ve learned how to sew by hand in high school, so I decided to brush off some of my old skills and I cut up some fabric and began sewing. I didn’t have anything in mind, I just wanted to make sure I still had it. I kept sewing on this one pieces of fabric and decided I wanted to make a dress. It took me a few weeks to finish because I had other things to do, but low and behold I made an entire dress by hand. I have decided to wear it on my birthday because it looks great.

I try to not doubt myself or get too comfortable when it comes to my craft. I went on a fabric haul a few months ago and I bought a bunch of really nice silk and cotton fabrics. I have decided that I will create bonnets and silk lined head wraps during the new year, along with other items. That way I can put the fabric that I purchased in Jamaica to good use.

I have a lot to look forward to during the next year. I hope everyone reading this had a really great year. Happy reading and have a warm holiday!


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