Head wraps

A few weeks or months back I wrote about the herstory off head wraps of all kind. I also wrote about how I’m looking to get a new machine, but waiting for the one that I want. I recently dusted off my hand sewing skills, (it’s been awhile), so I challenged myself, as I always seem to do.

Week by week I feel a little different about designing and making clothes because I don’t have the consistency due to my machine, but I have been making beanies and trying to reconstruct items I’ve made this year.

I have fabric that I wanted to use up so that I can go on a fabric haul and get new fabric for next year. Since I’m going to be hand sewing, I’ve decided to make head wraps. I also thought of a good way to be sure your hair stays nice and soft and protected. I’m the type of person that will wrap my head for two weeks with my twist outs.

I’m really excited for these next few months, I will make an updated post next week to write about my progress.

Thanks for reading this weeks post, it’s not that informative as usual. But stay on the look out for more posts in a week as I hear into next years line!

As always Asè

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