Hoodies, Pullovers, and Sweaters

I looooove the winter season because like I’ve stated before, I love to snuggle up to get myself warm. This week I want to talk about upper body warmth because for some people, like myself, as long as the upper body is warm, the rest of the body follows.

Here we go!

Twisted Front Sweater

Sweater for $19.97 at Nordstrom Rack

I enjoy light sweaters because I sweat a lot, so
I tend to wear layers… although I would be
wearing a black sweater. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Teddy Coat Hoodie

This Teddy fur is $39.99 at Tillys
Teddy coats are a thing for men and women, I
love a nice warm coat.

Reversible Hoodies/ coats

Reversible playboy puff coat for $89.90 at Pacsun
A young Wesley Snipes rockin this reversible
coat, you may not need one in California, but
I’m almost positive you will need a puff coat
and a sweater in the east coast.

Reflector Hoodies

NASA reflector Anorak for $35.92 at Forever21

Women’s Anorak for $34.99 at Forever21
A good reflector hoodie or anorak for those
who love to be seen, and for the people who
ride bikes at night.

Graphic Hoodies

Basquiat hoodies for $27.99 at Forever21
I loved learning about Basquiat, and I love the
color yellow, so I put this here because it’s nice
and simple.

College Hoodies

College sweater for $20.00 only at Target
This isn’t college specific, but if you’ve ever
purchased a college hoodie, or sweater, you
know it’s far from $20, so just go with it lol.
When the price is right, you bet not fight!

Half zipped Hoodies

Half zip sweater for $20.00 at ASOS
The sweater is okay looking, I feel they could
have left this sweater green rather than
adding another fabric, which is lighter. But
Hey 🤷🏽‍♀️

Vintage Logo Hooded Sweatshirt

Adidas vintage sweatshirt for $115 at True Vintage

I like this sweater because of the color block, and

vintage things always come back in style so to

have a few vintage pieces in your closet is always


Thank you for reading this weeks blog. As always

I appreciate you all for taking the time and

interest to reading my blog.

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