5 Fall/ Winter Trends

Fall and winter are my favorite seasons because I get to cuddle up under the covers, and I love a good warm blanket or 3, I also enjoy the warm clothes, hoodies and sweatpants are my go to clothes, but there are an assortment of clothes that make my warm heart light up in this cold season. Here’s a few things trending this fall/ winter that you must get into.

Two tones boots

These boots are cute from the print to the color. Two toned is in and I have yet to find a pair that I really like, these are nice, but the heel is too skinny… I prefer boots that I can do cartwheels 🤸🏽‍♀️ in and feel good about myself. 🤷🏽‍♀️


I love gloves like these for the cold winter nights in my room, because it’s always an ice box in there. But all jokes aside, these gloves really keep your hands warm and snuggly, I had a pair, but lost them. They fit really well and are very comfortable.

Fluffy faux fur coats

This is the muva of all coats this season because it’s super comfortable, but it’s also very attractive. I would kiss myself if I saw my reflection in the mirror with this thing on. This is a fall/ winter must have.

Turtle necks

I just became a fan of turtle necks. I haven’t worn one since grade school honestly, and mine was a shirt turtle neck. I was looking real turtle necky in that thing. Glad I dress myself now. I prefer the chunky sweaters because is gives you that extra warmth and they look better to me.


Most people know nothing about snoods, they’re scarf hoods. This one is perfect because it has a draw string, and the material is soft and comfy. They come in handy when in the go because they’re not attached to a jacket, therefore you can take it off and put it in your bag without the hassle of trying to stuff a huge bulky coat in your bag.

Slouchy boots

Slouchy boots are still in, I don’t think good boots like these will ever go out of style due to them having them having so many styles you can choose from. I prefer I knew boot because I can throw on a dress with it, super quick and easy. Shorter boots are good to pair with jeans or pants.

Chunky Heel Bootie

Chunky heel is also timeless, you can wear these year round. These are specifically really cute because of the material. I love patent leather and black is the shade of a life time because it does with any other color. I stan a good chunky heel, why? Because you can run, cartwheel, dance and most importantly stand for long periods of time and your feet don’t wear out quick on you. I mean I’m a sneaker gal for sure. So I must be able to maneuver in all shoes the same way. Lol

This blog we discussed some of the things that are trending this fall/ winter. These are the most important things to keep you nice and warm, but also stylish and sophisticated.

Thank you so much for taking an interest and taking time out of your day to read this weeks blog. Always thankful and appreciated.

Asè ✊🏾

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