Recycled Clothes

This week I was inspired to reconstruct old clothes and turn them into new clothes. During the summer I made a crop top out of an old pillow case and it came out great.

I did not remember to take a photo because I made videos, and it was a tiring process trying to make one piece a day and record it for social media. Any who, the job was completed successfully.

I was looking for inspiration for some ideas for a reconstruction project and I found some interesting pieces.

I found this to be extremely creative, I know this process was very time consuming, but it seems like it would be fun, and I like the frill affect it’s giving off.

This jacket was made from old tops, or fabric, and even though it’s simple, it’s necessary because you never know who would love to wear your garments. Also, there’s a lot of homeless people without jackets, and winter time is rapidly approaching.

This is another creative piece, I’ve seen this and the newspaper dress in college. A lot of times the fashion department recreated looks using recycled material and I would go inside just to check out the pieces. This seems simple, and it is, but the attention to detail is amazing because to get the caution tape to stay together it had to be joined to get her by some type of adhesive. I like it!

This is directly up my alley when it comes to creativity. Although it isn’t a full reconstructed piece, the embellish game is impeccable. I love embellishing pieces, I’m working on an unfinished piece as we speak. Very time consuming, and I always find myself stopping half way through, therefore it takes longer to complete. But it looks like art!

This is a nice addition to the skirt. I’m all for adding things to pieces to give it a little spice. This is print is also trending right now. It’s really cool to add things as you go, because you can kind of feel out the pattern and make a replica piece.

I look forward to sharing my reconstructed piece(s) with everyone, hoping that it turns out well, but even if it doesn’t I want to share my ups and downs with you.

This week was about recycling and reconstructing clothes because a lot of us, like myself, have so many clothes and you don’t know what to do with them. I don’t like throwing clothes away and I never know who do give them to. Before I donate them I want to reconstruct a few pieces and see what comes of it. Wish me luck!

Thank you for reading my blog this week, and as always, you are appreciated and amazing. Enjoy the rest of the week!


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