Fucci, Bendi, and Vodka

You can tell by the title that this post is about to be silly!

I want to talk about counterfeit clothes in 2019, and many years to come.

We must put an end to this ridiculousness now and for the sake of the youth, because that’s not the wave.

I don’t know why people wear counterfeit clothes and shoes, but it might be to fit in. I get it, clothes and shoes that are trendy are pretty expensive. That’s why I stay in my lane and buy things that I can afford. I like to live within my means, just like the counterfeit cons!


These my friends are not real Nike Air Max Plus’. Look at the bottom of them, the soles are so round, and on the real shoe the soles are a lot smaller.

Now, I’m not sure of these have the reflectors at the top, but by the looks of it, they do not.

No matter what bag you choose to invest in, make sure you can afford it. I feel that counterfeit items are worse than shopping at Payless and thrift stores because you’re pretending just like the bag.

As women we have many different brands to choose from and all at different affordable prices, so there’s no excuse to buying knock offs.

Men, just say no. It makes you look so much worse when your shoes start to rip prematurely, or the seams are coming loose. I mean, this is me trying to look out because it’s very easy to spot a fake.

I get expensive gifts and I’m thankful, but I still don’t buy them for myself. I have nothing to prove to anyone. We are all broke to some extent, so why not live in your truth? It could save you time and money.

Thanks for reading this weeks blog. Appreciate you all. Hope you got a good laugh from it.

Until next time.


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