Slick as a Whistle

If you don’t know who Slick Woods is by now, you will know a little bit before you leave here today.

Slick is a fashion model and actress. She has appeared on many runways, most recent Marc Jacobs. She does a lot with other brands in which you’ve probably seen her during fashion week.

What I love about Slick is her personality. She’s very expressive with her fashion and I for one love it. Her distinctive looks are amazing, from her bald head to her gapped teeth, she’s so beautiful. Whatever she wears looks great, there are very few people who can pull off just about any look like she can.

Prime example from the paragraph before when I mentioned she looks good in anything she wears.

While scrolling through her page I see that she has a shoe with kooples, it’s a nice looking shoe. Check out their Instagram if you like their shoes, they have a few pairs of nice sneakers.

I could post her all day because this effortless style is what a lot of people define to be like, but haven’t reached those heights in their lives yet. 🤣

In closing, this post is inspiration for me because she lets me and other women know that being yourself is the best thing you can be, and that you better make the best of being yourself.

Thanks again for reading my blog, as always I appreciate you and your feedback and visits.


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