Fashion Hardships

I love fashion, creating and turning fabric into beautiful clothes excites me, so it’s a little stressful to be in the position that I am currently in.

My machine finally has given out on me and the one I would like isn’t in stock. I’ll either have to wait, or settle for another machine, that isn’t the one I want. I don’t like to settle, it makes me so uncomfortable and unsatisfied. I’ve been putting my energy into finding manufacturers to send some sketches to so that I can begin building my boutique.

Although I’m excited, I’m stressed from over thinking until I can get back to seeing.

It comes with working, sometimes you get let down, but I’ll never let that make me stop. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, I can always go to my plan and reroute my initial plan and work at it from a different angle.

This wasn’t clothing specific, just wanted to give an update on my now halted progress, I’m still going strong though. 💪🏾

I’ll be posting again this week to make up for this blog.

Feel free to leave comments about good sewing machines for I’ve only had experience with singer machines and only 2 so far.

Thanks in advance, and much appreciation as always for reading my blog.

Asè 🙌🏾

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