Black Magic

Brown skin of all shades are so beautiful to me, it brings out so much elegance and purity. This beauty that I want to share this week has flawless chocolate skin with an impeccable style that I admire like crazy.

Red shades with this red hat is giving me life because it shows off her cheekbones quite well. The lime green brings a calm highlight to her skin tone. Anyone who can dress with expression and still show off that beautiful melanin gets major points with me.

I’m not sure if this model is her, but I love this whole look because it’s an older vibe, the hair, shades the houndstooth print all is putting an emphasis on her melanin as well.

Lets get into this all black with a vibrant pop of color. This is me all the way, I wear black ALL of the time, if I can find a colorful piece that stands out I’m all in. This whole photo is a vibe for me because I love black and I live for different patterns and textures. Cheers to these ladies.

Last photo is giving me my life. This lace oversized jacket is to die for because it looks super comfortable and you don’t have to worry about the fit because it’s made to be big.

In my opinion women of a darker shade can pull of some of the most beautiful garments because they bring a certain essence to the color. Beats me, I’m here for it all and I really love the looks our good sis shared on her profile. Very fashion forward.

This week’s blog was a short one, but I still hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed researching and sharing my opinions with you. Stay magical! ✊🏾 Asè

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