People/pages I Like

Shout out to my little cousin for posing for this photo, he’s the number one coolest kid.

This week I want to share some of my favorite fashion icons, pages, inspirations. I love when I see a good outfit that isn’t what I normally see, so if it’s worn, made or reconstructed and it catches my eye, I’m in awe. Let’s get into it…

Ms. June always does her thing effortlessly. I love a comfortable outfit, and she always bringing it with the hats, like our good sis Erykah Badu! She’s a stylist, and have styled for a lot of artists in the industry, conducted shows and more, she really does her thing.

Teyana Taylor is so fly in my opinion, because she gives off a real vibe in the way that she dresses. It’s comfortable, sometimes boyish, love me a good tomboyish look, and very trendy. She dresses for her body type and I love it.

I wrote a blog about Misa Hylton previously, but let’s get into her jacket that she is wearing. It’s to die for, I love most things that stand out, and not only does this stand out with the high low contrast, the colors and opal transparency is sooo creative. I have to tip my hat to her because she’s making noise with her partnership with MCM!

I love seeing Shane Justin designs. This one specifically stood out to me because it’s for men and I’m loving the silky trend right now. This blue complements his skin tone, and I haven’t seen a man in silk from head to toe, and only a few fly men can pull this off, I love.

This is one of my favorite custom jacket pages. They make portraits, fun cartoon drawings, and other custom ideas you may have. As you can see from this photo they are pretty spot on. Check them out.

Devlin Carter is a designer of many things, but I specifically like his shoe designs. He’s very talented in what he does, these shoes are one of a kind. I haven’t purchased my pair yet, but soon, and I will be sure to post them when I do. Definitely must check out his Instagram, he’s a really talented man.

I love Dashiki pride because their for the culture and any clothing that’s for the culture I’m for. They not only make Dashikis, they make current clothing out of the material and as you can see form the photo, it looks really good. The variety of prints allows you to choose from different styles and colors. I bought a dress and a head wrap from them, don’t know what ever happened to the dress after I wore it now that I sit here and write this. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ

Brittany Hampton is phenomenal in the way that she styles, dresses and creates. She actually inspires a lot of the things that I do in fashion aside from sewing clothes. I’ve gained a lot more skills in my sketching, although I’m good at drawing, I was missing a few things from seeing her drawings and sketches, I kept at it and now I’m a lot better at detailing my sketches. Way to be an inspiration!

You can just look at her and see why I love her. I’ve never met this woman before, but her personality shines through her clothing and creativity. She created a line dedicated to Lauryn Hill, and for that she will forever be in my good graces.

Another stylish a$$ human. I love Erykah Badu from her music, to her not give a f&ck attitude to her style. She’s on another level with her style, so high that people don’t understand it, and that’s the beauty in clothing. As long as you feel good in what you put on who gives a hoot what others think. ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ that’s confidence at its best.

These were 10 people that inspire me to keep going with my fashion. At times it can be tough, especially when you are doing other projects. I’ll never forget what I love to do and that’s fashion. I have much inspiration around me and to go to. This is how I keep at it!

Thank you again for reading my blog, it means a great deal that people read my blog! Much much much appreciation and thanks. Asรจ

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