Winter time cold

Winter time is here and I’m excited because I love to be bundled up when it’s cold. There’s nothing like comfy trendy clothes. Here are a few items that are trending this winter.


Men’s windbreaker from Zumiez

Windbreakers are timeless. I love a good windbreaker that is light and keeps you warm like a North Face jacket, Colombia has a good selection as well. Whatever floats your boat, just keep warm this winter.


Hooded parka from HDY Apparel

Parkas are my absolute favorite type of coat because it keeps you warm from head to toe! They also keep the rain from getting your pants soaked. Best for really cold or excessive rainy weather.

Extra long sleeves

I recently bought a shirt that has extra long sleeves, but not to this extent. I like the extremely long sleeves here, I also love how the shirt looks with the sleeves pulled up.

Puff jackets

Puff jacket from Pretty little thing

Although they’re called puffer jackets, I prefer puff jackets, or puff coat, I grew up calling it that, so it sounds better. Anywho, this one is cute because it’s reflective and that’s in right now.

Turtle necks

Turtleneck from Nordstrom

Turtlenecks are in again, and I feel they have to be worn a certain way to look good. You also can’t buy it from anywhere. Be sure that the material has good quality and the fitting is right.


Overcoat from ASOS

A good overcoat is hard to find, even this one is just okay. All men can pull this off, it’s all about what you pair it with, different strokes for different folks. This jacket has to be paired with something casual, jeans are okay, but don’t over style this look.

Camel/ Brown outerwear

Jacket from Urban outfitters

Camel or brown outerwear seems to always be in because certain brands use brown as their signature color. This jacket is dope because the color makes his hair, skin and undershirt stand out. However, the hood could have been left behind. If this were a bomber jacket, it would’ve been a perfect photo.

Waist belts

Waist belt from J. Crew

Waist belts are cute if it’s worn correctly. I’ve worn one waist belt in the past 5 years and that was with a shirt dress that was loose, so it went well with that outfit. Usually waist belts look good with shirt dresses and sometimes longer dresses, it all depends on the belt and dress.

Ott fluff

Over the top fluff is definitely a look for the winter. I’ve seen this look on little fuzzy tops and skirts through out the summer, wasn’t really over the top, but for summer and fuzz or fur is too much in my opinion.


Corduroy jacket from Shoe dazzle

This jacket is everything, and corduroy is in, but not for every garment of clothing. Hats, some women pants, and jackets are for garments with corduroy material that are acceptable right now.

This week I gave 10 items that are trending this winter.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this week’s blog. Thank you and as always, much appreciated. 💙

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