Style for the Culture

Misa Hilton is a costume designer amongst many other things. She is currently the creative partner of MCM globally!!!

Misa Hilton recently hosted the premiere of “The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion” at Tribeca Film Festival. She was on the panel along with some of her peers. She is respected in the fashion world, and in hip hop, so she was one of the best picks.

Her collab with MCM reminds me of Dapper Dan back in the 80s with his collab with Gucci. He made Gucci custom made pieces and people in hip hop and on the streets wanted his pieces. This made the brand more popular across pop culture.

Misa has done very well for herself when it comes to styling. She knows what’s what when dealing with her clients, that is why they come back. Her profile dates back to the 90s, specifically lil Kim’s legendary 1999 MTV music awards look.

Get. In. To. It! She looks amazing. She has worked with Mary J. Blige, Foxy Brown, Faith Evans, 50 Cent, and so many more artists.

Her recent partnership with MCM has the culture applauding with joy. She has recently styled Queen Latifah in a very beautiful jacket for her performance at the 2019 MTV music awards. She styles Teyana Taylor and Christian Combs in remarkable jumpsuits for their “HYWI” video. There were so many other people who have been blessed with her work. We love to see it, and look forward seeing a lot more from her.

She did her thang with these styles, I love! Her Instagram handle is @misahylton and she has a fashion academy called, Misa Hylton Fashion Academy Website, it launched in 2012 and has been flourishing since. When discussing her fashion academy during an interview for Billboard in 2017, Misa states “The program lasts for 12 months and students leave with the knowledge, skill set, business exposure, and etiquette that you need.” There’s nothing greater than putting in the work for the culture.

Thank you for reading this week’s blog. Always appreciated!!!

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