Somewhere in America

I recently watched a breakfast club interview where this creative man name Delvin spike about his brand. As a designer, I’m always taking notes, but he stood out to me because he does it all. He makes and designs shoes, watches, clothes, bags, and more. I was impressed to say the least. He has created these sock runner shoes, which is apart of the sock shoes trend, and they are super creative and affordable.

I enjoy seeing black people work consistently on what they believe in. Could say the same for me, but I’m all over the place. With that being said, check out some of his work, and feel free to follow him on social media @sia_collective

I didn’t get a chance to preorder a pair of sock runners. I’m actually waiting for a different shoe to be ready for preorder. You can also download his app called Somewhere in America. There you can get updates on when shoes are up for preorder.

This is the SIA traveler, perfect for traveling and hiking perhaps. This material is genuine leather also.

These are the shoes that I’m waiting on. The glow in the dark aspect just calls out to me. He also designs shoes for kids, can’t leave the kids out. I think this is great for the culture.

I’m my opinion the shoes he’s designing are better than most of the big designer brands out there. He knows what he’s doing.

These are just a few pieces I grabbed from his Instagram that I liked and wanted to share with the masses. Even if you don’t purchase anything soon. It’s good to have options. In the near future this brand is going to take off, so get while the gettin’ is good.

Again his Instagram is @sia_collective and you can download his app called Somewhere in America.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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