Drip for $ale

There’s a new pair of designer sneakers coming out every month just about. There is a new designer sneaker called Moneyatti by the one and only Percy Miller Senior aka Master P!

I love Master P for all of his business insight and game that he gives. He has had a successful clothing line in the past, P Miller, and I’m looking forward to these shows because they’re really nice.

I recently saw them while he was doing an interview on Big Boy’s morning show, where he gifted Big Boy a nice lime green pair. Although it’s leopard, the shoe is masculine, but I say unisex because I’ll be getting a pair. Master P stated that “they are made in Italy, chase with premium leather.” You know this is a comfortable sneaker! Worth the money.

They’re already being worn by celebrities and others, so don’t hesitate and get you a pair now! Support black businesses for the culture, and especially if you like these shoes. Purchase yours at Moneyatti.com.

Thank you for reading this week’s blog, I hope you enjoyed. As always much appreciation. Ashe.

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