Man, this summer…

This summer is about to be lit for so many reasons, but mainly because it’s gonna be hot outside!

For men they ALWAYS complain about the selection not having enough variety, and I agree. The colors are very simple, but I’ve searched around and found some summer trends and the best places to shop this summer.

  • Shorts
  • $12.50
  • A little color never hurt nobody. Honestly, I like these and it compliments a man’s melanin if worn properly. You have to have a certain confidence about yourself to actually rock this color, but you can always go with black because a pair of comfy shorts always come in handy.
  • JCPenny is currently having a sale on shorts for big kids at a price of $19.99 (please don’t try to force your old trifling butt in these for the price)!
  • Jean shorts are a must, but not with everything, give them a break please. Also, don’t put your hand in your back pocket like this. This is the perfect length and size for this style of shorts. You can find these exact shorts at Enslaved clothing for $54.
  • You can NEVER go wrong with the right pair of khaki or chino shorts, right now Dillard has shorts on sale for 29.99. Keep the shorts below the knee fellas, and let your balls breathe, folks clothes getting shorter and tighter. No shade, just suggestions!
  • Here’s a guide:
  • Tops
  • The perfect too can sometimes be hard to find, but with the right research you can have many options to choose from.
  • This summer we rocking polo tees, and it doesn’t have to be by Ralph Lauren, it can be from any brand. I found this deal for kids at Macy’s, so if you have kids, grab them a pack of tees for the summer. You can also have fun with some color. They definitely carry polos for men at Marshall’s.
  • A nice light weight button up is best for warm weather. You can wear it unbuttoned or slightly and show a little chest hair (sike, I beg you to shave that off!) Any color goes fine, just ensure that it’s light and not thick.
  • As far as jeans go, we’re shopping at Levi’s, because they have such a good selection, and right now they have a deal going on where you can get 40% off sale styles. Go head over to and get summer ready. Shop according to your body type.
  • Thank you for reading this week’s post. I was being a little silly, that’s my personality. I hope you enjoyed reading and the ideas this week. Thank you for reading, and much appreciation, chow!

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