Crochet Styles 🧶

I’ve recently taught myself how to crochet and it’s exciting!

I’ve made a few head bands to begin with, and now I’m on to making crochet tops!!!

I made this head band for my dad and it was waaay too tight! He could barely get it on, and he struggled just as much to get it off. I cracked up, and I just died again after reliving that hilarious moment 🤣. Excuse me, I’m so goofy. Anyways, practice makes perfect, and I’m in the process of making him one that will fit this time.

I learned most of the techniques and things are coming along great. I’m getting a hang of it, well I got the hang of it, and now I’m on a mission to create more. There are so many ideas I have, with only two hands.

I ordered my yarn and crochet needles from amazon, it only costed me about $10 total. I’ve purchased a lot more yarn since I’ve started, and the needles are great. They’re aluminum, so they don’t break, and they’re sturdy. I’ll post more photographs upon completion of new projects!

Thanks for reading my blog this week, as always much appreciation.

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