Shoes of the Week πŸ‘Ÿ

I always find shoes on the internet while browsing. I usually keep the tab open and leave it there so that I can come back and purchase the shoes when I feel like it. It’s a weird habit, and probably a bad one since I own so many shoes, πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ pick ya poison.

This post is specifically for a pair of shoes that I saw while doing research.

These bad boys are so cute. I usually don’t share where I find things that I want to buy to keep it exclusive, but I must share. I found these fishnet sling back heels at Pretty little thing for $55.00, I will be buying them. Don’t know where I’ll go in them, but I must have them.

These are classics and they never have my size because everyone loves Jordans, or wanna be apart of the culture. Anywho, need these, and are getting these soon!

I’ve been wanting these for the longest, but they were sold out, now they’re back online , so these are going in my collection as well.

It is warming up and I need more sandals. I like this style of sandal, so I’ll probably buy a pair for this nice weather we are having in Cali!

These slides are life. I love a good pair of slides, trust me, I have plenty of sandals. These slides look so comfortable, they’re also versatile which is a plus.

I look forward to creating an updated blog to show what I paired each of these shows with once the purchase has been made!

Thank you for reading my blog this week, I hope you enjoyed reading, until next time!

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