“Little” Made A lot!

I’m a big fan of almost everything black, so when I say I was and still am excited for Ms. Marsai Martin, I truly am.

Marsai Martin plays Danielle Johnson on Black•ish, she’s amazingly sharp and funny, like most young smart people are, but she’s getting paid for it! Hearing that she had her first movie coming out, I was like woah, wait, this is epic!

Our little Danielle Johnson pitched the movie to Will Packer and clearly she did well because he was on board with it! Talk about confidence.

She has been working her butt off to promote the movie and has been showin is what style is! I absolutely love that she’s young and having fun being young! This goes to show that you don’t have to fit in to find your place in the world. She’s so classy and sweet.

I believe her mother styles her, which is great for a black parent to support their child and be hands on, because a lot of these parents are selling their kids souls, letting them get lip injections and all of that ridiculous stuff, but I’ve digressed, let me get back to the point. She exudes black excellence, we also have to give props to her support system for keeping her young, we know what Hollywood and fame can do to young people, well people period. This felt like a win for everyone, but specially black women and girls.

This photo above is my favorite look on Marsai because it’s not revealing, it’s the perfect length, and those ruffles. Although it’s age appropriate for her, I would absolutely wear this dress! This is a timeless piece. Ruffles always make you feel like such a girl!

This is my favorite photo because I loooooooooove Issa Rae, and Regina Hall is an icon! For Marsai to be in the photo is extremely heartfelt because it shows love and support! I’m sure they had her back during this whole process. Also, the black girl magic is strong in this photo, all fits are amazing. I love a little black dress and a pant suit. I can’t get enough of this photo, I’m so happy this movie came out. Clearly!

Lastly, in the first week, Little made over $15 million in the box office! 👏🏾🙌🏾 With so many negative things going on in this world, it’s important to know what keeps you happy and do it. We all have struggles, but if you can find the light during dark times, you can come out on top and be just fine! Go see Little if you haven’t seen it yet.

Thank you so much for reading this post!

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