Spring Flings 🌻🌺

Spring is here and we are just about done with the spring showers!

Spring is one of my favorite seasons because the weather is absolute perfect, in California that is! I’m all for the spring fashion this season.

I will soon be revamping my wardrobe to update my closet and get rid of some old articles. Another one of my favorite things about spring is spring cleaning!

Okay let’s get to the fun finds this week!

Here are some stores that carry fabulous garments for women, I found sites that carry men’s clothing as well.

Here’s what’s trending this spring:

Biker shorts You can’t go wrong with a pair of biker shorts, especially in black, it’s easy to pair there with a pair of sneakers and head out! These are $7.00 at Target

Sheer Sheer for everyone! This top is cute, they have various sizes, for 14.90 at Forever 21


This fringe crocheted dress is available at Zara for 49.90. Well worth the money if you ask me, but who asked me?

Feathers Yes for this feathered jacket from Forever 21 for $32.99. This is definitely up my alley, I love clothing that defines my personality.

Earth tones Not very much going on with men’s clothes and earth tones, but this shirt is perfect because it’s very relaxed and doesn’t have a lot going on. It’s also very easy to pair this shirt with anything. You can find this tee at Gap for $12.99.

Prints This snake skin print top is super cute. I found this for $15 at Nasty Gal

White dresses This mini smock dress from ASOS is $45.00, and I love the buttons on this dress.

Shirt dressesI love me a good shirt dress! This one is available at ASOS for $25.50

Tie dyeThis tie dye bandana is available for $10.00 at Urban Outfitters I like the silky material.

VestsThis vest is unisex, and I’m loving this gray. This vest, that has many other colors, is available at Hipster nation for $27.99.

I’m super excited for all of the great things that will happen this spring! Thank you, and much appreciation for reading my blog this week.


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