2019 Popular Fabric Colors

I love the restart of the seasons because I get to design and research new colors and get inspired by new and old things.

Im a tad bit late on my take of the New Year colors and fabrics, but better late than never right?!

This color palette gives me color block track jacket, or wind breaker. These colors bring out fall with the orange and grey, and then it pops with the green, pink blue and purple.

The color palette screams spring time due to the yellow. You can combine just about any color with yellow and it would make you feel spring is near. I could see all of these colors together and separate. The creations are endless with these colors.

Who doesn’t love black? I think that black is so sexy, it also goes with just about any other color. The two purples, grey and the black gives me club vibes, a nice dress or sequined mini skirt would go well in these colors. The other four colors are soft pastel colors which I love. It reminds me of ice cream. These colors would make great casual clothes, like a blouse, or a pair of pants.

This color palette reminds me of candy and ice cream. I love the mustard yellow, and he orange. Some of these colors would go great as a color block shirt, a color block hoodie, and definitely that brown could go great on some shoes.

This color palette remind me of a pair of shoes. I’m not sure what pair of shoes exactly, but maybe new balance. Anyways, I could see these colors on shoes, but I can also see these colors on workout clothes, most of these colors pair well with one other color.

This color palette is very demanding. It’s demanding attention. These colors would honestly go great with any garments. It could be pants, shirts, jackets, skirts, or sweaters. These colors would looks amazing.

That is all for this week. I hope you enjoyed scrolling through the various color palettes that I selected for this week. Thanks for reading my blog, come again!

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