Stylin’ an Profilin’ 🇯🇲

I recently took a trip to Jamaica and I was amazed to say the least. Not only was I taken a back by the culture and beautiful people, but the fabric store I went to had the most beautiful assortment of fabric and I was in heaven. Enjoy some of my looks and what is to come of the fabric that I bought.

I made this too and these shorts in 2015. This water was amazing. In this photo I’m at a restaurant/bar called Pier 1.

Backless bawdysuit made in January, and the lace pants were made in 2016.

I’m in Negril enjoying life!

This is the front of the bawdysuit. Black is such a suitable color.

I made these pants in 2012. The view of Montego Bay City was so beautiful in the day time. The stars were also amazing, I felt as if I could reach out and grab one.

I also attended a fashion show which was very lovely! The name of the store is called Thug Fashion. They had some really nice pieces!

I bought 4 yards of plaid fabric, and 1 yard of this beautiful print comprised of pretty girly colors. I will be making some dope pieces from this fabric so stay tuned!!!

Thank you so much for reading my blog this week! Stay tuned for more beautiful designs by me, and other people from the culture! Also, Happy International Women’s month. I might be a little late, but all women are amazing!

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