Quick comfy styles

I’m a very quick dresser (excuse the grammar), to say the least. I often times get dressed in my head while I’m laying in the bed! Everyone doesn’t have the gift of compartmentalizing their wardrobe in their heads, but for those who do, (we see each otha)!

My go to comfy style would have to be sweat pants! I love sweat pants, I have different types of sweats for all year long, but they’re mostly black, because black is timeless. Anyhow, pairing your sweats with something to make yourself look as though you didn’t just hop out of bed and throw sweats on is essential in getting through life.

  1. Wear a matching jacket if it comes with one. A lot of times I like to switch up my top and bottom sweats so I don’t look like one blob of color, so be sure to make it nice.
  2. Wear something up to that stands out. I have a sunflower Jean jacket that I love to wear when I have on sweats because it looks so cute and summery.
  3. Wear cologne or perfume. Be sure to shower before you use lotions and smell goods. Smell goods are important when dressing down, because it gives people the assumption that you’re lazy, but that’s totally not the case, right? Right! Smelling good takes the focus off your “laziness”.
  4. Don’t do too much. Don’t dress the look up so much that it looks like you tried too hard to wear sweats, which is an effortless task to accomplish. For example, don’t wear high heels with sweats, unless you can absolutely pull it off, other wise you’ll end up looking like a high class bum, but that’s just my opinion.
  5. Last but not least, accessories! Wear those accessories y’all, ladies go take a trip to forever 21 and get a bottle of clear nail polish and put a coat of that over the earrings or which ever jewelry you can. Gentleman, wear a watch, fake jewelry does not suit you at all, but you can wear a shirt with gold accents,(not gold glitter).

You are now on your way to where ever you need to be in the most effortless style possible.

Links to the items above:

Photo 1: Urban outfitters Burgundy joggers

Photo 2: Urban Outfitter color block track suit

Photo 3: Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue (Men’s)

Photo 4: Champion joggers

Photo 5: Forever21 layered chain

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