Keeping Cool in the Summer

I always find the best fabrics that are suitable to wear in the summer. Whether I am creating an outfit or buying an outfit from a store, I’m always thinking about my comfortability when I shop! Below are a few great breathable fabrics/garments that will keep you cool in the summer heat, aside from drinking water!

  1. Linen fabrics are great for the summer. They make great shorts and pants, it also gives off a casual clean look.
  2. Destroyed denim is timeless for the summer. Also, they always make a remarkable come back when they aren’t in style. Denim shorts, capris, or skirts are perfect for the heat and water. They’re more durable and longer lasting because denim is made to last, but a little denim will never hurt anyone!
  3. DIY summer gear. I know people love to keep clothes, even when they have more than enough. Instead of buying more clothes for the summer grab some old joggers and cut them into shorts. You can make shirts into tank tops and more!

4. Jersey material. Jersey is a great fabric for the summer because it is breathable, and that is what we NEED for the summer, there are dresses, tank tops, basketball shorts and other garments out there that are made of jersey material. Make your life easier and buy breathable clothing this summer.

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