Styles of the Month (June 2018)

Styles of the month is back with some amazing men and women that we searched far and wide to find.

Read their breif description and click on their name to learn more about them!


@honeygoldmusic is a singer, rapper, and artist. She works as a musical therapist for Beats Rhymes and Life, a music program for the youth. She is also the founder of Increase the Piece Fest. She does all of this while serving us style. In this photo we’re getting a smooth 90s vibe with her color block and distressed jeans. Very comfortable style, and very positive energy!


@iakas_sakai (Sakai Fletcher) works at a Boys and Girl’s club in Oakland, CA, he helps run a bbq business, he gives out free groceries on the weekend, and every Saturday he makes music. Talk about dedication! He does all of this great positive work, and he dresses sharp! This young man has a great sophisticated style, he dares to stand out with a nice casual button up, slacks paired with nice boots! Not many can pull of, but he did.️


@theluxxe_ is making the courageous move to uproot her life and move to Houston to obtain a nursing degree. (Black girl magic). She currently works at the DMV as a licensing registration examiner. On her free time she raps and travels the world. She also has a very confident sense of style. We love athleisure styles because it’s comfortable, plus it’s trendy, you can never lose with a 2 for 1!


@ronald_saskf is from cameroon and he lives in Germany. We like Ronald’s STREET STYLE, he takes daring photos. His styles is impeccable because he know how to switch it up for the environment he’s in, he stands out, but fits right in at the same time.


@chii_ib is a youtuber who does wonderful 3D mink lashes and makeup in Victoria, BC(Canada). Her make up is soft and glamorous, which adds to her beauty and great sense of style!


@tre___taylor is a trainer for C.H.A.M.P.S basketball camp, a youth basketball training program. He is also aspiring to become a model! His fashion is remarkable because it’s effortless, for some of us the clothes complement us! He’s giving us a very suave look in his button up with the loafers, very dapper! We say this look can go all year.

Thank you to everyone for their contributions, referrals, and allowing me to share your styles.

Stay tuned for next month’s picks for Styles of the Month! Feel free to send referrals to