Retro Nike’s are back!

This year Nike did not disappoint with their collection of Nike’s that they came out with. From monotone to multicolor we love it. We will give you a preview on what’s poppin out there, where to buy and the cost, enjoy!

Photo: Air Force 1 (Gym red) $100

Air forces are timeless, but these patent leather forces are a must have. To wear or not to wear would be a question because shoe fanatics, like myself, would buy them just to adore. Find these shoes at KICKSUSA and go on a shoe spree! You can find youth sizes at footlocker.

Photo: Nike Presto $125

GOAT has some of the freshest retros. I’m so happy that Presto’s are back because they are classy and comfortable, I had a pair of navy blue in elementary, they were my favorite shoes. The price is dependent on the style, so it varies, but they are never too high. Besides these shoes will make your feet fall in love, it’s worth it anyway.

Photo: Air Max 95′ LE $100

These Air Max are very adorable. I love the pastel combo. You can get these from City Gear, but they carry Air Max 95′ in all shoe stores. The price also varies with styles, be sure to keep your eyes open for the best most exclusive styles, like this one.

Photo: Nike Cortez $89.99

SIX 02 has a lot of shoes that are trending right now, including these Nike Cortez sneakers. I became a fan of these when they started the monotone trend. Cortez’s don’t get a great name, but these are undeniably dope.

Photo: Nike Air Max 97′ Ultra $160

Six 02 has plenty of shoes to choose from. Nike brought back the 97’s and we are craving these styles. They have a huge variety to choose from since bringing these back. We are happy and down for the shoes this year.

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