Plus Size Styles and Trends

Plus sized clothing is sometimes hard to find, and when you do find plus sized clothing it is little to nothing to choose from. This week we found great and trendy styles for plus sized men and women that you will enjoy.

Women’s Plus Size


Photo: Courtesy of dress barn ($44.00)

Dress barn carry sizes 2-24, this sophisticated sequined jumpsuit will make any woman feel like she’s on top of the world because it is all black which we love, it can be paired with a jean jacket or blazer, versatility is a very important aspect in fashion.


Photo: Courtesy of Charlotte Russe ($19.99)

Trust us when it comes to style, this burgundy off the shoulder romper from Charlotte Russe is giving us life! You can pull off this look for a date, on a nice sunny day, or just because you can! We say rock it cause you can, you need no reason to look good, besides it is so affordable, go for it!


Photo: Courtesy of forever 21 ($44.00)

If you got it, flaunt it. This multicolored striped bodycon dress from Forever 21 is absolutely flawless. No need to look anywhere else for a sexy dress for the summer, you can find the best and brightest dresses here, be sure to match it with the best accessories.


Photo: Courtesy of ASOS ($95.00)

This Paper Dolls crochet dress from ASOS is absolutely stunning. This summer is not the time to be shy, make a statement and make it a fashionable one! This dress is undeniably our favorite for this week’s blog!


Photo: Courtesy of Venus ($16.99)

If you were planning to show off those amazing legs this spring/summer, be sure to shop at Venus because they have a great selection, and they have a nice variety plus sized pieces that have some of our friends going crazy!

Men’s Plus Size


Photo: Courtesy of ASOS ($26.00)

ASOS is our all time favorite because they carry the best fashion for everyone! You have to love that they came through with this nice color block for the fellas.


Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Jays ($15.00)

These jogger shorts from Dr. Jays are so convenient because they are so stylish and they can be worn just for lounging, you decide and put the naysayers to rest.


Photo: Courtesy of Macy’s ($59.00, on sale)

You can never go wrong with Levi’s because they last for a life time, or just about, and they are reasonably priced for the material. At Macy’s they are almost always on sale, so be sure to check out their selection of clothing. Don’t forget to keep it cool and pair it with something that will have everyone’s attention in the best way.


Photo: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters ($58.00)

Urban Outfitters has a good few pieces this spring. This vertical blocked tee by Karl Kani is dope, we love the color combination and that they offer this in all sizes. This could be paired with jean shorts or regular jeans of your choice, nonetheless you’ll look and feel good when you step out in this shirt.


Photo: Courtesy of ASOS ($87.00)

As stated previously, we love denim material, and nothing is quite like colored denim, whether it is a chic black, or ruby red, we love denim. This denim jacket from ASOS is cool because it isn’t too much going on, not too much distress, not too many designs, very subtle, but still stylish. Keeping it cool, we like!

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