Styles of the Month (April 2018)

Every month we will choose men and women from all over who dress well and who are also making an impact on their self and/or others.

This months picks are going to blow you away, feel free to click on their social media provided to check them out!

2018-04-25 05-664691834..png
@hteam_tae is a rapper and hip hop therapist. While excelling in his life Tae has a great eye for fashion for he color coordinates like a boss, while giving us this GQ vibe. We’re here for it!
2018-04-25 05-368989242..png
@teeteebaby3389 has a style that is effortlessly beautiful. She doesn’t need to dress it up, but when she does, its an all around whirlwind. We love it.
2018-04-24 11892147968..png
Very fashionable and talented @realbelize shooting her remix video to “Anti” in her beautiful multicolored coat from Fashion nova. She hit the scene ready to go!
2018-04-24 11-1308439268..png
@shonnyanddeonnie is a very sweet and fashionable high school teacher, she gives us life each and every time she posts, and we love this velvet short outfit, paired with a hat and thigh high boots. We say yes to the entire fit.
2018-04-24 11-1414493357..png
@jeddibaby is a producer and a stylist, he designed this very creative and trendy jacket that we would love to have in our closet.
2018-04-24 11-1249929785..png
Nobody can rock a printed shirt like @hteamlilchris, we love the bold statement. He’s an amazing rapper and keeps his style fresh and we absolutely love it.
2018-04-25 052087781789..png
@teamuplee is the president of a dope clothing line called @weloveup and he is just as stylish as the clothes he create.
2018-04-25 05-1414493357..png
@hteam_tae in his all grey shooting his video. We love this gradient of color and the coordination going on and we applaud this effortless style because good original style is hard to come by these days.

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