Men’s Spring/Summer Trends 2018

It is hard for some men to find up to date fashions for Spring time! Here are 5 top trends for Spring that you want to get your hands on before it’s too late!

1. Color Block

Photo: ASOS skinny joggers in color block ($35.00)

Color block is back in full effect. Joggers are good for many occasions where it’s not formal and more of a relaxed setting. A nice color block will bring everyone to attention wondering where can they get that style from.

2. Cross Colors

Photo: Cross Colours LA’s Classic Kente bomber jacket ($248.00)

Cross colors can complement one another or make a statement. This jacket is classic for its cultured design and implementation of colors. This would be nice on a nice breezy spring day or night.

3. Black and Colored Denim

Photo: ASOS tall skinny black denim jacket ($48.00)

Whether it is a chambray button up, or red red jeans, colored denim is appearing everywhere this spring. Enjoy all the colors that ASOS has to offer, be sure to stop by Urban Outfitters as well.

4. Tonal Outfits

Photo: The idle man jacket ($28) pants ($44)

Tonal outfits are not going anywhere anytime soon. Whether it’s dark or light. Tonal outfits are also good for casual days, or an everyday look. Just be sure to dress light for the sun!

5. Printed Shirts

Photo: ASOS stretch slim smart royal Oxford print shirt ($35.00)

Printed shirts are classic and timeless. You can wear them with just about anything, pair it with a jean jacket when it’s a bit breezy, or a nice blazer for a sophisticated look. (Women love when men can rock the casual look just because).

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